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What are cookies?

Many websites use cookies, mainly to improve your browsing experience. Cookies are pieces of information stored on your hard drive by the server of websites you visit. They are sometimes stored on your device in a simple text file, accessed by a server to read and record information.

Websites may only read and write cookies owned by them.


Our use of cookies:

When you browse our website, we use cookies to “recognise�? your browser, for the duration of your visit (“session cookie�?) or for several visits (“persistent cookie�?). Cookies may be used for many different reasons but we use them on our website: 

  • for technical reasons (identify sessions, remember settings or shopping carts etc.) in order, for example, to adapt the layout of the website to your device.
  • for statistical analysis and web traffic management purposes, for example to enhance website usability and the relevance of our services.


Third-party cookies:

If allowed under your cookie settings (see the cookie settings section below), third parties (advertising agencies, web analytics companies etc.) will set/read cookies when you browse our website.

These cookies are used by these companies, during the lifespan of the cookies, to determine and distribute relevant advertising content, reflecting your centres of interest based on their knowledge of your browsing habits on our website.

Their use of these cookies is governed by their own privacy policies.


Social networks:

To allow you to share content or comment on our products and/or services, our website may include social network components (buttons, plug-ins etc.).

These components are used by social networks to track your browsing habits and will only work if your browser is connected to the relevant social network (but you do not need to have used the “share�? button, for example).

The social networks you use determine the terms governing their use of the information they obtain and we have no control whatsoever over their use of this information. We recommend that you consult their privacy policies, which will specify how they use this data and the steps you can take to increase account confidentiality.


Shared devices:

As cookies are connected to the device and the browser used, we cannot be absolutely sure of the identity of the person using the device. Accordingly, some services and advertising proposed on this device may not correspond to your use (browsing habits/settings of other users of the device may influence the content proposed).

You can choose the level of confidentiality of your device, by deciding who can use it (people authorised to access the device) and changing its settings (in particular, cookie settings).


Cookie settings:

You may change your cookie settings at any time and various option are available, as described below.

The settings you choose may affect your browsing experience and the operation of some services, requiring the use of cookies. In this respect, we disclaim all liability for the consequences of any reduced operation of our services caused by the disabling of cookies on your device (inability to set or read a cookie).


Computers (PCs):

You can manage cookies through various options in your browser settings, to either enable or block cookies, in general or for specific actions, at any time.

Cookies are managed differently on each browser. Please click on the link for your browser to find out more:

Cookie management on Google Chrome:

Cookie management on Internet Explorer:

Cookie management on Mozilla Firefox:

Cookie management on Safari:

For all other devices (smartphones, tablets, smart devices), please consult the help menu in your browser.


Sector-specific platforms:

Some sector-specific platforms allow you to manage cookies online. For example, the YourOnlineChoices website is proposed by various digital advertising businesses (members of the European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) France.

For the businesses registered with this platform, you can enable or disable behavioural advertising cookies:

This will not stop advertising on the websites you visit but it will prevent the registered businesses from collecting and using data for behavioural advertising purposes.


Other tools:

In addition to the above solutions, third-party companies have developed tools (browser plug-ins or add-ons) to manage the collection and use of cookies.


Further information on cookies:

To find out more, please visit the CNIL website (French Data Protection Agency):

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